Questions & answers:
Old Raven House Care Hotel.

Q. Is the Care Home Registered?

A. Yes, the Home is registered with the Care Quality Commission »to care for 36 residents and is managed by Anne Turner our Registered Manager with considerable years of experience.

Q. Can we see any documentation as to the Home and Care standards?

A. Yes, the Home's Care Quality Commission Reports can be found on display both at the Care Hotel and by clicking on the following link: Care Quality Commission CQC » We have a consistent outstanding record with a high score for our restaurant, support of personnel and for running the home in the best interests of the residents.

Q. What happens before I come into the Home?

A. Prior to admission, the Manager, or a senior member of the management team will make an appointment to visit you at home or in hospital. This allows us to carry out an assessment of your care needs. Although you may need some help in caring for yourself, we hope you will continue to undertake those daily tasks you are currently able to do. Your "personal carer", will be professionally qualified, and will help to plan a program of individual care to ensure you get the help you need.

Q. Can I have a lie in if I feel like it?

A. Of course you can. You can simply request breakfast at a later time.

Q. Will I have a Care Plan?

A. A Care Plan will be tailored to meet your individual needs. You can be closely involved with this if you wish. It will be reviewed on a regular basis. A copy of the Care Plan can be obtained from your Personal Carer as required.

Q. Can my family and grandchildren visit me?

A. Yes, most residents in our Home remain in close touch with their family. We think this is very important, and as well as calling to see you, we would like them to become involved in the life of the Home. Visitors, including, children and grandchildren are most welcome in the Home at any time. You can name a day to have meals with your loved ones. We also encourage the use of Skype to keep in touch if family are living a distance away.

Q. Can I bring my own items of furniture?

A. Yes, as long as the items are able to fit practically within your bedroom and meet the fire safety regulations.

Q. What if I need to see a Doctor, dentist or optician?

A. Our relationship with the local Doctor's surgery is excellent, our GP visits weekly, and whenever we need her. The optician visits every three months, there is a Dentist in the village and we can arrange for residents to visit them.

Q. Can I have a pet?

A. This would be possible but of course dependant on the care needs of the pet, but we would consider it.

Q. What is the continuity and level of staffing like in the Home?

A. We are very fortunate that our staff remain loyal and committed to Old Raven House Care Hotel and have therefore remained in continuous service for quite some time. Staffing levels are always set to ensure that staff have sufficient time to care for the Residents needs. We do not employ any temporary agency staff.

Q. What arrangements, if any, are made to cater for religious requirements?

A. Old Raven House Care Hotel respects all religious denominations and welcomes and supports all residents with their religious beliefs. We have links to most of the local Churches and religious organizations and your own Minister or Priest are welcome to visit you at any time. Families or friends are welcome to take you to organized services. We have a monthly communion service, held in the Home.

Q. Who will look after my medicines?

A. All medicines prescribed by a Doctor are stored in secured medicine cabinets and are dispensed at the prescribed times by the manager or deputy on duty. However, should you prefer, and are able to look after your own medicines, this can be arranged.

Q. Does the Home have a formal contract stating terms of Residency?

A. Yes, we have a full and comprehensive contract that has been compiled in accordance with the Office of Fair Trading guidelines to ensure ease of use.

Q. Do you accept residents who suffer from dementia?

A. Yes. Some of our residents within Old Raven House Care Hotel have dementia and our staff are all extensively trained and experienced in responding to and supporting residents with dementia.

Q. Can you tell me how to find other homes?

A. Yes, you can go to the Hampshire Web care homes search site by clicking on the following link: Hampshire Web care homes search » or call Adult Services on 0845 6035 630

Q. What would happen if Old Raven House Care Home were to close?

A. In the unlikely event of this happening, we would inform the Care Quality Commission and contact the Social Work Department to arrange alternative accommodation. Residents and their families or advocates would be kept fully informed and involved at all stages of this process.

Q. What is an Advanced Directive and do I need one?

A. Advance directives (also known as living wills) allow you to outline the treatment and care you would like in the future, when you may not be able to communicate your wishes. It is your choice to have one. You can set up an advance directive through a solicitor, or you can fill in a prepared form. Old Raven House Care Home's staff will be there to assist you. We would recommend that you involve your doctor in writing your advance directive as he will be able help you go through the issues involved. Also, speak to your close friends or relatives about your advance directive. Involving them will help them understand your wishes. An advance directive should be reviewed regularly to ensure it is up to date. reviews